Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tip: Use Ctrl-Ctrl or Cmd-Cmd to start searching

Whenever you want to search the web or your computer, you can bring up the Quick Search Box almost instantly. On Windows or Linux, just press the Ctrl key twice. On the Mac, press the Cmd () key twice. For more keyboard shortcuts, see the help center page for Windows, for Linux, or for the Mac.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Featured Gadget: Twitter

This blog periodically features a Google Desktop gadget and a quote from someone who uses it. If you'd like to recommend a gadget, send an email to desktop-gadgets AT google DOT com.

Omar Khan, who works on Google Desktop when he's not working on his PhD, says: "The Twitter gadget makes it easy for me to follow my friends and post updates while I'm working at my computer. No need to open the browser. I just click and go."

Daniel Beck, who started using the Twitter gadget when he was a summer intern here, says: "Twitter plus the Twitter gadget lets me keep track of a diverse set of information sources, like news, friends, family, presidential candidates, and writers, all from one spot on screen."

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