Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Toshiba launches 500GB/platter 1TB 2.5-inch hard drive

Toshiba is pushing the limits of hard disk capacity once again with the introduction of a new range of readers able to squeeze 500 GB of data on a single platform. The end result is a 1 TB 2.5-inch form factor drive with the small 9.5 mm.

Adjustment capacity of 1 TB of storage capacity in a small space saw Toshiba increase the density of data stored by 37% over the previous record. This new disc, called MQ01ABD gets 744.1Gb per square inch. Combined with an 8 MB cache, 3 Gb / s interface and 5,400 RPM rotation speed, the drive speeds of transfer of 1288.6 Mbps.

Such small discs are ideal high capacity for inclusion in laptops, nettops and demodulators. Laptop owners will certainly appreciate manufacturers who use this player as it weighs only 102 grams and consumes only 0.55 watts in standby. Add to that the quiet operation of only 24 decibels during the search (17dB in idle mode) and you have a portable storage solution very friendly.

Toshiba plans to start mass production of discs MQ01ABD mid August. You will be able to take one of 1TB, 750GB, 500GB, 320GB and 250GB. The price has not been revealed.

Toshiba is not the first manufacturer to use the 1 TB disk, but was able to do so using the form factor of 9.5 and two meals instead of larger disks 12.5 mm. Western Digital Scorpio Blue reached the same with 1 TB.

Flash storage continues to gain pace and ship in larger capacities, but the price and keeping the difference is even large enough to make the typical hard disk is the right choice for most notebook computers.