Friday, December 30, 2011

meet the uncle


Today my baby met my brother for the first time - at four months old. It's pretty cool.

Friday, December 23, 2011


This mannequin head is always at this thrift store we visit in my husband's hometown - and it makes me laugh every time I see it.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Kinect-powered autonomous robots cook popcorn, make sandwiches

The point of having a bot for a cleaning may be one move more specific.Thanks to a robotics team from the Degree of Munich (TUM). They have developed a number of impartial applications that are able to create range treats and create treats using a Console xbox kinect indication from Passion. Is there anything that side-line can not do?

Named John and Rosie, the awesome thing about these two automated cooks is that they use real understanding to get their responsibilities done. Relevance that the actions and actions involved in the preparing your recipe process are not pre-programmed actions. There can be confirmation of this as the duo create small problems such as dropping the toaster location with a element of bread and dropping a few treats parts when providing them into a providing.

The team gained this success along with TUM’s Psychological Bot Conclusion System application, known as CRAM for shorter. Using research that CRAM had already attained, students provided John and Rosie “brains” of a form.

The applications have the features of acknowledging actual physical objects around them, using those identifications to phone up the different uses items has. For example, when John identifies a toaster, its laptop or computer development allows it to know that the merchandise or service is used in the process of making done bread. What is even more wonderful is that using these Console xbox kinect system, both applications are outfitted of acknowledging presentation needs like “make me a dish.” When the duo understands that management, they will evaluation their surrounding and be able to identify what components are at palm to take out the work.

Popcorn and treats are not the only things that John and Rosie can create, they can also management hot desserts for day dish readers. You can see the complete film of the duo in methods below.

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so alert


PlayBook sell-off expenditures RIM half a billion dollars

When a company features people an motivation, they give up a little bit of revenue in the wants of raising sales. That is what RIM did to the BlackBerry PlayBook lately — and man, did they ever give up. According to RIM’s Q3 financial announcement, they are composing off $485 thousand in PlayBook-related failures.

The announcement sent RIM stocks eroding to $17, the same price they fetched at the beginning gong on Friday day. The distinct fall damaged week-long results, and toss an even longer darkness on the Canada technology poster young children.

It was not all gloom and problems, luckily. RIM delivered around 14.1 thousand BlackBerry mobile phone devices in the third fraction, which is certainly outstanding. Based on what we generally go through about RIM currently, you will think they were having problems all the way around. In fact, they are still promoting mobile phone devices, still offering high-margin business services to organizations around the planet, and still dancing.

And PlayBook lovers, take heed: RIM promises that it’s not going to back down the way HP did with the TouchPad. RIM’s cherubic frontman Robert Laziridis says the PlayBook is still a gripping pill, and he’s assured that the March up-date to OS 2.0 will make it even more eye-catching to people.

That up-date is offering several important parts of features to the PlayBook. Moreover to including long-absent mail, work schedule, and acquaintances applications, Android mobile phone app service is originating. In fact, when designer Bob Go lately based his PlayBook, he acquired that the PlayBook can run the Android mobile phone Market app and even obtain and set up applications — without any need to use RIM’s repackaging techniques.


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Monday, November 28, 2011

Chinese Students Built "iPad" for his Girlfriend

What is the best way to show a girl you love her? Sure, you can always buy the iPad, but why not build one for him?

Chinese art students wanted Wei Xinlong to demonstrate its commitment to its long-distance girlfriend by building a tablet PC with touch screen in their daily life dates for video chat. This way, when he left to work in Shenzhen, they will be able to stay in touch easier.

As a student at the University of North normal in Changchun, Jilin, Wei was familiar with electronics and engineering, and found most of the answers to the questions I had online. He bought most parts of the unit second-hand market and dismantled laptop recovered. Even incorporates some of the parties as a conductor of heat from a soda can and an aluminum bar. Wei has been dedicated to the unit for 10 days before the end, and even managed to put an Apple logo with rhinestones on it.

Characteristics of its "iPad" includes touch screen, integrated camera, microphone, four USB slots, a LAN port and works as a lithium battery. It may be a step back from Apple's best selling product, but still not able to read e-books, watch movies, listen to music and even play video games. It costs only 800 yuan Wei (126 dollars) to build than the price of about $ 500 Apple iPhone.

Wei remarkable final product is really a representation of hard work and dedication. It will definitely strengthen their long distance relationship and her boyfriends around the world to shame.

Saturday, November 26, 2011