Monday, February 27, 2012

Hot New Smartphones from Mobile World

Smartphones are exploding onto the scene in the week at Mobile World Congress, a veritable smorgasbord of hot new mobile technology in Barcelona. whereas keeping phones that do not begin with "i" straight isn't a straightforward task, we've collected some highlights from this week's mobile extravaganza to assist you kind the wheat from the chaff. From absurdly high resolution cameras to pill copycat capabilities, makers are going all out to form their phones stand except the pack.

1. HTC One X
Mobile gadgets could also be multiplying like rabbits over at Samsung, however HTC desires you to understand that it's still simply as relevant as ever. the corporate that broke mobile ground with the HTC Evo 4G features a new flagship phone in store: the HTC One X. The One X can run its own flavor of the recent new Android four.0 operating system out of the box, and with support for 4G LTE, NFC for nifty tricks like Google Wallet, Beats audio, and a large four.7", beautiful 720p Super LCD2 screen. sadly, the the U.S. version will not pack a monster quad-core processor like its European counterpart, however this powerhouse still appearance to offer Samsung's army of Galaxy devices a run for its cash. look forward to it on AT&T among ensuing few months.

2. Nokia 808 PureView
Nokia features a handsome new line of top-notch Windows phones, however the corporate likes to pull out all the stops when it involves cameras. The Nokia 808 PureView is not up to the Lumia line's standards in nearly each regard, however it will boast an completely absurd 41MP camera. The phone includes support for up to 48GB of expandable memory for all of these pixels, however since it runs on Nokia's own operating system instead of Windows Phone or Android we will not imagine it seeing any quite mainstream adoption. Nokia's 808 PureView could also be very little over selling stunt, particularly considering that HTC's Titan II Windows phone combines mega-megapixelage with an really otherwise respectable phone, however it's still a motivating feat from an organization wanting to revitalize its whole with some seriously beautiful smartphone optics.

3. Samsung Galaxy Beam
Your head may well be reeling from attempting to untangle the net of Samsung's Galaxy-branded devices, however the Galaxy Beam will have a reasonably notable trick up its sleeve. As its name would counsel (in a refreshing flip of logical gadget-naming), the Beam packs a built-in projector thus you'll be able to share pictures, video, or shows on your surface of alternative up to 50" wide, that positive beats taking turns peering into its 4" screen. The notably bright fifteen lumens projector will keep its charge for 3 straight hours of projected video playback, that ought to meet most skilled desires — we'd positively go to sleep somewhere within the second hour of PowerPoint slides. The phone runs on an older version of Android (2.3) for the time being, however Samsung claims that Android four.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) is en route.

4. Nokia Lumia 610
Windows smartphones are arguably simply as capable because the Android and iOS devices on the market, however they've remained a tricky sell attributable to Windows Phone 7's late entry into the mobile fray. With the Lumia 610 — a brand new entry-level Windows handset — Nokia hopes to lure customers in with a listing of options and a bare-bones value purpose.

Being touted because the "most affordable" Lumia smartphone, the 610 is supplied with all the social networking and media functionality you'd expect from a Windows Phone device, together with Twitter, Facebook, yet as integrated GPS and music apps. The phone is being marketed to a somewhat younger audience, and its rounded chassis are offered in multiple colours to broaden its attractiveness. If your interest is piqued by Nokia's Lumia line however the high-end Lumia 900 sounds lhke overkill, the 610 may simply be the phone for you.

5. Asus PadFone
While some corporations try to blur the road between pill and smartphone, Asus features a totally different plan: a phone that matches within a pill. The new PadFone — other than having the foremost literal name of any handset we've ever seen — could be a high-end Android four.0 smartphone that includes a four.3" HD show, 8-megapixel camera, and a speedy Snapdragon S processor.

These stats alone would create it a worthy contender for your smartphone greenbacks, however the PadFone has another trick up its sleeve: an optional pill accent that not solely stretches the smartphone's show to ten.1", but also. extends its battery life. When plugged in to the pill, you'll be able to use the PadFone simply as you'd the other Android pill, and even take calls as you normally would employing a Bluetooth headset. The PadFone is scheduled to ship in April, though pricing for the handset and its accessories haven't however been revealed.

Keep in mind that almost all of those phones will not be hitting shelves for a moment however, thus carrier and pricing details are scarce. Still, it is not a foul plan to understand what is on the horizon before you register blood on your next two-year carrier contract — particularly since this wave of devices has some compelling quirks.


Sunday, February 26, 2012

week 8 {February 19-25, 2012}

There are some days that I had to double up this week. I couldn't leave some photos out!

February 19

great grandma.

And popcorn. Ohsogood.

February 20

Four generations.

February 21

Someone thinks that having his feet kissed is hysterical. :)

February 22

He's ready to go. At 25 weeks.

February 23

He's generally pretty smitten with himself.

February 24

It's so early for the flowers to be blooming...

February 25

Sweet potatoes for the first time!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

week 7 {February 12-18, 2012}

February 12

Have sun (patch), will sleep.

February 13

Family self-portrait.

February 14


February 15

First cereal!

February 16

Messy (and blurry) eater.

February 17

The start of feeling under the weather. Chloe needed snuggles too.

February 18

He was done after our dinner out.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

week 6 {February 5-11, 2012}

February 5

First time in the stroller without the car seat!

February 6

She finds the same patch of sunlight every day.

February 7

Chloe's a fan of the window she now has access to downstairs.

February 8

23 weeks!

February 9


February 10

Admiring grandma's earrings.

February 11

The baby's first "real" snow! (Real, as in it didn't melt as soon as it hit the ground.)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

NASA cellphone nanosensor can recognize diabetic issues and cancer malignancy from your breath

It’s awesome when we see testimonies about science-fiction becoming a actuality. Shown above is a clip-on nanosensor for a cell cellphone that has been designed by NASA to recognize harmful toxins in the air, informing you when it feelings unsafe ingredients.

First designed for use around release websites to recognize petrol escapes, and on the Worldwide Space Place to recognize possible escapes of unsafe smells, the sign is now being designed as an inclusion to a cell cellphone. Images of the sign recommend it’s for an iPhone, but absolutely it’s able to work with most contemporary devices. It has many use situations, but one of the most ensuring is assisting to recognize diabetic issues or even cancer malignancy in people.

Because a individual's breathing has unique attributes when both of those illnesses are provide, the nanosensor can recognize the find volumes being removed as a person shares. In the case of diabetic issues, acetone amounts in the breathing can indicate high or low glucose amounts. It’s doable to think that this product could help to do away with having to analyze glucose amounts done by gathering liquid bloodstream examples from a individual. As far as cancer malignancy is worried, nitrous oxide of all elements is an indication of united states, or that you have been doing elements you should not. NASA’s product could help to get the illness beginning on, something that could save a individual's life.

The uses for this sign are many. Birthplace Protection is searching for to create a edition that can recognize find volumes of the substances used in bomb-making, or from holding a packed gun. Physicians are energized because it may make their tasks simpler since there are an range of different determines that can be made using a individual's breathing.

Perhaps NASA is trying to ready the technological innovation to contend for the Tricorder-X award we discussed some time back.


Sunday, February 5, 2012

week 5 {January 29-February 4, 2012}

January 29

I melt from the sweetness.

January 30

Walk time!

January 31

Someone turned five months old.

February 1

And then he turned 22 weeks old.

February 2

Kitty snuggles.

February 3

Baby legs! And learning to roll over.

February 4

Foot. in. mouth.