Wednesday, March 5, 2008

To be(ta) or not to be

In October 2007 we released Google Desktop 5.5 (beta), which enabled you to use hundreds of useful desktop gadgets on your iGoogle homepage. I've been one of the happy gadget fans myself. Since I work in a team spread across a number of locations, I've found the World Daylight Alarm Clock gadget to be very handy. Whenever I open the browser to send mail or look at the calendar, I can see daybreak in other cities and plan my work accordingly. And when I'm researching a particular topic, I use the Wikipedia gadget in my iGoogle homepage to quickly type in the topics and preview them in the little details window in context without opening new browser tabs or windows.

Today, Google Desktop 5.5 is out of beta and available in 31 languages (including 2 new ones, Thai and Indonesian). This is great news for lots of people around the world, even me (I use the Hindi version of Google Desktop), as we can now use our favourite desktop gadgets in the language of our choice in the iGoogle homepage. For those of you who are new to Google Desktop, the installation is more streamlined and it's easier to start using desktop gadgets from the iGoogle homepage. So go ahead, choose your favourites from the desktop gallery and select the 'add to iGoogle' link to make them available in your iGoogle homepage — in your language.